Membership & pricing

primary care membership:

We utilize a membership plus fee for service model.  That means that in addition to charging a moderate fee for office visits, we also charge a nominal monthly fee.  The monthly fee includes what you see below.  Please contact the office if you have questions.

  • $25/month per person includes:
    • All well baby visits
    • One yearly physical per member to include annual GYN exam.
    • *After hours communication with your practitioner via phone, email or text*.
  • The membership fee is:
    • Automatically drafted on the 25th of every month
    • The monthly charge is billed for the 25th of the previous month through the 24th of the current month.  We do not bill in advance for monthly service.
    • Family capped rate at $100/month
      • Includes two adults above the age of 18 and related children.
      • Additional adults may be added for a fee at the discretion of the practice.

Services offered to our members for the following prices:

  • $150 Initial Consult Fee:
    • This only applies to the first family member who is enrolled
    • Covers that patient's first month's membership
    • Consists of a 60 minute consultation with your practitioner
  • $50 secondary Initial Consult Fee:
    • This fee is for any subsequent family members enrolled.
    • Consists of a 60 minute consultation with your practitioner
  • $50 visit fee applies to all:
    • sick visits
    • follow up visits
    • emergency after hours visits
    • food sensitivity testing
    • NAET sessions.
  • $100 Prenatal examination for expectant mothers as directed by their midwives.

Some in office procedures will incur additional charges but will be discussed prior to starting.

If you need to cancel a scheduled appointment, you must do so 24 hours prior.  Text, email, or call to let us know that you don't need your appointment so that someone who does can be seen.  If you do not show up for a scheduled appointment, you will be charged for the visit.

*If your message is too complicated to reply to in text or email, your provider will direct you to schedule an appointment to discuss it in person.*



Non-member a la carte services:

  • We are not currently seeing non-member patients but we are accepting new members.  



Membership Cancellation policy:

  • There is no contract or minimum enrollment period, however; if a member cancels his/her membership there is a 9-month waiting period to reenter the practice.  If for some reason the member needs to re-enroll sooner, there is a $100 readmission fee.  If you wish to cancel your membership, you must email notice that you wish to do so prior to the 5th of the month.  Cancellation requests after the 5th of the month will be charged for that portion of the month and all emails received after the 18th will be charged for the entire month.
  • If you cancel your membership or your membership is cancelled with a balance due, we will not forward your medical records until the past due balance is paid in full.